Roblox A Universal Time Free Stands Script New September

Made By: jEK

A Universal Time
Script GUI with some awesome features:

  • Free Stands
  • How To :

Input the script, execute it.
You will see Dex Explorer pop up.
Go to workspace, click the dropdown.
Go to ItemSpawns, click the dropdown.
There you will see multiple categories, the main ones to focus on are “chests” and “meteors”.
Click on the dropdown for Meteors (for example). 
There will be a list of “Spawn Locations”.

A meteor spawns every 5 minutes, wait the time, and then when it spawns, one of the “Spawn Locations” will have a drop-down menu.
Right-click on SpawnLocations that has the dropdown, then click “Teleport To”.
It will teleport you to the meteor, hold E to get the arrow. 
Left-click with the arrow in your hand, easy free stand.

Need Free Executor? Use Zeus!