Roblox King Legacy GUI Script New May

Made By: lelmemes

King Legacy
Script GUI with some awesome features:

  • Auto Farm – Selects best quest for your level and does it
  • Auto Skills – Does z,x,c,v skills
  • Auto Stats
  • Bring Devil Fruits – Brings you all fruits
  • Inf Geppo – You can geppo infinitely
  • Inf Dash – Removes dash cooldown (spammable)
  • Anti Water DMG
  • Godmode
  • Auto Buso – Automatically enables buso haki
  • Spawn Coffin Boat – cock hack
  • Teleport to all islands (supports both seas)
  • ESP (Names & Tracers) Including a colorpicker
  • Always Day – robux
  • No Fog

Need Free Executor? Use Zeus!